Dawn Secord
Original Pastel Paintings Available for Sale
(all paintings are sold framed)
"I See You"

Original Pastel Painting
Boxer Puppy and Lady Bug


"Give Me A Hug"

Original Pastel Painting
Basset Hound Puppy
9" x 12"

"Golden Dreams

​Pastel on Board 12" x 18"

Please note - the above colors will differ somewhat on the actual artwork.   These images are close but not perfect when it comes to capturing the true colors of the work.
"Nature Perfected"
Monarch Butterfly
Oil on Canvas 6" x  8 "

"Sweet Dreams"
Sleeping Irish Setter dam and pup
Pastel on Sanded Board:  image 13" x  17 "
Custom framing with hand wrapped suede matting

Information upon request:

"Softly Whisper"
California Sea Otter s- Morro Bay, California
 Oil on Canvas 8" x  10 "

"Blue Duet"
Blue Birds - Gilroy, California Barn
 Pastel on Board 9" x  12"

"Poetry in Motion"
Anna's Hummingbird
Pastel on Board  5" x  5 "

"Lunch Date"
Anna's Hummingbird
Oil on Board  9" x  12 "

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"Western Poppies"

Pastel on Sanded Board 16" x  20"

"Cliff Drive Santa Barbara"

Pastel on Board 12" x  16 "

"Ruler of the Roost"

Pastel on Board 8" x  10"

"Hereford Calf"

Pastel on Board 12" x  16" unframed

18" x 22" framed

This pastel painting is framed using non reflective glare glass.   Photos available.


"Working Boots"

This painting has been in several national art shows as well as featured on the cover of the program for the  San Dimas Western Art Festival.

Mixed Media:
Pastel / Oil on Sanded Board
16" x 20"


"Nature's Alarm Clock"

Original Oil Painting

11" x 14"


Note:  This painting will be on exhibit in the show "Art Meets Floral" sponsored by the McKinney Garden Club.   Show dates are September 25 - 26, 2021 at the Craig Heard Museum in downtown historic McKinney.    

"Incoming Colors"

Original Pastel Painting
Monarch Butterfly

image 4" x 4"
framed size 10 3/4" x 10 3/4"

"Santa Barbara"  quick study

​Original Pastel
8" x 10"

"Brown Mule"

Original Pastel Painting

image 6" x 6"
framed 13" x 13"

"East Texas Afternoon"

Original Pastel Painting

image 12" x 16"
framed 8" x 22"


Note:  This painting is currently on exhibit.  Available through the art show.  Pastel Society of The Southwest.
"Pearl Crescent Butterfly"

Original Pastel Painting

image 9" x 12"
framed 17" x 21"

"Born to Run"
Running Irish Setters
Pastel on Sanded Board:  image approx 27" x  32"


Information upon request: