Click here The Portrait - Beginning to End
Sketches are made and pastel is then applied to suede board.    This type of surface allows Dawn to apply multiple layers of pastel.   The layers allow her to achieve a real dimensional quality to the painting and to be able to create layers of "fur or feathers".

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The Beginning:

Dawn starts with a photograph of your pet  She prefers a number of photos to work with as detail is used from different shots.    It is important to use quality photographs - like building a home - the stronger the foundation - the better the finished product will be.    She also takes notes from your discussions to include additional details in your painting that will capture the personality unique to your pet.
Dawn Secord
Her goal is to create a fine piece of art that is dimensional and allows the viewer to be able to see the character and personality of the animal.

When people tell her the piece looks so real they want to touch the animal, Dawn feels she has reached her goal.

A base coat of pastel is applied first.  
Dawn then works from darker colors to lighter colors.
Pastel paintings, like watercolor paintings or drawings, are framed under glass to protect the image.   Pastel paintings date back to the 1600's - the medium has been used by some of the most famous painters in history.   To name a few - Leonardo de Vinci and James McNeill Whistler.    The next time you are in a museum viewing art - take a moment to look at the medium used for the painting.   You will be surprised how many pastel paintints are there and the wonderful quality they are in - pastel is considered to be the most permanent of all mediums.

Photographs and watercolors can fade with time, oil paintings can crack and chip, however, pastel color remains constant.

According to the Associated Pastelists on the Web, "Pastel is the most permanent of all the mediums in existense.   Its intrinsic beauty is without peer".

Please feel free to email or call Dawn with any questions about having a pastel painting done or the painting process.

It is very rewarding to give a finished painting to her clients.    Creating a painting for someone is a special experience.

Many more hours are put into a painting than what most people expect.    Dawn literally will spend hours on a four inch square area. 

The end result - a piece of fine art to give you years of pleasure and wonderful memories.

Copyright Dawn Secord
Click here French Bulldog
French Bulldog painting almost completed.
At this point Dawn goes in and reinforces the lightest lights and darkest darks.
French Bulldog painting completed.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog Painting
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